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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Process Data Loggers, Process Data Logging Systems, Process Datalogger - Digital Portable Process Datalogger And Our Set Up is Situated At Pune, Maharashtra,IndiaIntroducing the Scanner and Data Loggers that controls and also records the data. Our series 951 provides you efficient data retrieval with ideal control and data acquisition solution. The Series is sub divided into two models series 951 - d a multipoint scanner with data logger and Series 951 - S a multipoint scanner.

Key Features of the Series
1 / 4 DIN size package
Microprocess based accuracy.
Alarm capabilities with relay outputs
8 ch, 16 ch or 24 channel models.
AUTO / MANUAL mode facilites.
Addresable series interface.
Retain set up during power loss.
Data storage for analysis using standard 80 /132 columns printer with Series 951 - D.
Process Data Loggers
SERIES 951 - D (16 Channel)
This is a high performance series equipped to handle virtually any process documentations in mechanical and system engineering. Series includes universal inputs, which combines flexible input selection on site. A unique data storage feature using dot-matrix printer provides a digital value records thus eliminating the maintenance cost involved with chart paper and pens. Using a 80 column or 132 column standard printers data many be printed for a fix period of time. All the printing format and printing parameters can be programmed by front keypad. Our Soft were which helps to remove Graphs & Print the data in tabular form helps you in analyzing the data.
Process Data Loggers
Process Data Loggers

Accuracy : +/- 0.15 % F.S.
Set point Resolution : 0.1/1 count.
Input sampling : 2 channels / second.

Analog : 1-24 in step of 8 channels, Universal analog input accommodates 2 wire RTDs or T/Cs or process inputs like 4-20 mA or 0.5 VDC. Input type selectable by user through front keypad Outputs
Relay : 4; Relays rated 230 VAC @ 5A resistive load.
Digital : 4; VDC (@ 10 mA max each) for driving SSR or so.
Analog : - (Optional): Single channel analog either 0/4-20mA or 0-5 VDC for retransmission; resolution 12bit.

Power : 230 VAC +/- 10%, 50 Hz.
Display : 4/6 Digit alphanumeric red LEDs for process value display, 4 Digit seven segments green LEDs for channel number or RTC indicator LED. Printer Error indication.
Display Time : 2 seconds/channel (settable)
Memory : Non-volatile RAM.
Facilities : Auto / Manual, Channel skip, RTC.
Printer Port : Suitable tof 80/132 column dot matrix peinter.
Communication port (optional) : RS-232C or RS-485 multidrop. MODBUS protocol.
Connections : 50 pin ‘D' type connector with extended terminal board having screw type terminals.
Dimensions : 951D=1/4 DIN; 96x96x165mm OR 192x92 x 165mm.
951S : 96x92x165mm D. OR 192x92x165mm.
Operating temp.: 0-55 C, 90% Rh Max, Non condensing

An economy class series of process scanner with a best price / performance ratio you can afford. Useful for accurate measurement of engineering data like temp, pressure, flow and process variables. All operating modes can be selectable from keyboard.
Model available for 8 channel, 16 channel, 24 channel 32 channel & 48 channel inputs.
Available Options
RS-485 or RS – 232 C port
115 VAC operated.
1 analog output for retransmission in 951 D only
Real Time Clock (RTC) in model 951 D only Input types and ranges.

Accuracy :” +/- 0.1 % FS, +/- 1 count.
Resolution : 0.1/1 count depends upon range.
Process sampling : 3 Channels / Second.

Analog : RTD like PT-100 2 or 3 wire or T/C of Type J, K, R, S, B or process inputs like 0/ 4-20 mA or 0-5 VDC. Type specify in order. Input type selected is common for all input channels. No. of inputs : 8, 16, 24, 32, 48 channel models.

Relay : 2; For High / Low alarm. Optically isolated relay contact rated 230VAC @ 5a resistive load.

Power : 230 VAC +/-10% 50 Hz
Display : 4 digit 0.5” seven segment red LED display for process value display and 2 digit 0.5” seven segment red LED display for channel number display. Status indicator LEDs for relay and Auto / Manual mode.
Communication (optional) : RS-2332C or RS-485 multidrop. MODBUS protocol.
Facilities : AUTO / MANUAL mode, Channel skips. Operating temp. 0-55 C, 90% Rh Max.
Memory : EEPROM.
Connections : D connector with extended terminal board having screw type terminals.

Input type and ranges
0-700 C
0-1200 C
0-1800 C
0-1700 C
-200 TO + 200 C
200 C
0-600 C

0-5 vdc
1 Digit
1 Digit
Recorder / Datalogger
Number of Channels :- 1 to 80 Ch.
Inputs :- Selectable.
RS 232 / 485 Interface.
Parallel Printer Port
Input Sampling : - 2 Sec. For all Channels
Detectable Memory Chip
Recorder / Datalogger
Application Area
Dairy equipments
Sugar Industries
Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Industries
Paper and Pulp Industries
Ordering Information
Specify Model number with channel and input suffix
Model No.
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 Process Datalogger - Digital Portable Process Datalogger

R. S. PROCESS SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. HTLOG 742T series Data Logger / Indicator are digital electronic marvels is a power full Datalogger. The unit can store 4,000 records per channel at the programmed interval. You can store as many data sets as you want until memory is full. The unit comes with windows - based software (windows 98, NT, XP) for the display & saving

HTLOG - 742TH is a combined unit for mesuring temperature & Humidity are in fact two instruments combined into one compact unit for direct reading in case of relative humidity (%RH) & dry bulb temperature without the need to select differnt probes. The high quality HYGROCLIPS Sensor module for measuring Relative humidity & temperature is 100 % Exchangeable with out readjustment which offers advantage of no loss of time in recalibrating & readjusting
HTLOG - 742 (Portable)

Portable, battery Powered
Low power Consumption
Display for both % Rh and Temperature
Compact ABS Cabinet

Feature Highlights
Direct Reading in case of % RH & Temperature
16 Bit ADC
Resolution Selectable
Alphanumeric LCD Display with back lit
RS232 interface with windows Software
Printer Port
Displays 2Channel Simultaneously
Data logger with 4000 Records Per Channel
Real Time Clock

Digital Portable Process Datalogger


HTLOG - 742T
Input : -2 Channels, PT - 100 RTD, 3 Wire
Range : - -100 to +300°C
Resolution : - 0.1/0.01°C (Selectable)
Accuracy : - +/-0.2% F.S.D
Display : -Yellow Colour LCD Display with Backlit
Sample Rate : -3 Seconds

Operating Conditions
0 to 50°C
0 to 80 % RH Non Condensing

Zero Drift
Nil : -Automatically Corrected By A/D converter
Warm Time; -Instantaneous
Power Supply : - 9Vdc Battery (1 or 2 optional) or AC adapter

Dimensions (In mm)
Over all : (LxHxD) 66x155x25


Input :- 0 to 1 Vdc
Range : -Temp -40 to + 60°C, RH : - 0 100%
Resolution : - 0.1/0.01°C (Selectable)
Type Of Sensor : - Hygroclip

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