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Backed by a rich industry experience, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying superior quality Data Logger & are able to offer a wide range of Process Data Logger to our clients. There are various process parameters which are to be logged / recorded against time in various industries. These can be physical parameters, such as temperature, flow, pressure, humidity, level or electrical parameters, such as AC / DC voltages, currents, power parameters.

The Process parameter recording in a process is the most common and widely required application in any process industry. The commonly used temperature sensors are RTD Pt100 / Pt1000/ Cu53 / Thermistors and different kinds of Thermocouple, Pressure Transmitters. In order to avoid electromagnetic interference, the temperature signal is converted to 4-20mA and is carried to the logger. Our range of Process Data Logger includes Temperature Humidity Logger, RTD Data Logger, Thermocouple Data Logger.

The Components & software used for manufacturing logger are of latest technology,quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Though basic operation of any data logger is to record the values of process parameters. However it is important that recorded data is presented to the user in timely and prescribed manner. Also any discrepancies in the readings are conveyed to the operator in the fastest manner for quick action.

Generating an alarm on pre programmed error conditions is the simplest way a logger informs the user. With advancement in technology additional methods / communication means are available to intimate the user in more positive way about the data availability and error conditions.

Our Data logger with SMS Facility not only keeps track on input status, but also generates an SMS alert on error condition of a particular input. The user can programme the alarm condition to be alarm when contact open or alarm when contact closed or in change of status. The message can also be programmed as required.